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Swiss Pro Slalom Recap


Who would bet against the 9-time winner taking her 10th title? (image: @waterskiprotour)

By Jane Peel

Waterski Pro Tour

The Swiss Pro Slalom is always eagerly anticipated – the first professional contest of the season for most competitors and a chance to test out their early form. But what we experienced at the 10th anniversary edition of the event at Florida’s Swiss Waterski Resort, was something very special and a fitting way to start the 2024 Waterski Pro Tour’s series of slalom competitions.

A stacked field, including veterans and a host of new kids on the block, kept us entertained through two preliminary rounds and finals, all packed into one day.  By the end, we had witnessed more than a few shocks, crowned a new champion and seen a glimpse of the future of professional slalom skiing. 

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Mati Gonzalez wins the 2024 Swiss Pro Tricks

Swiss Pro Tricks Recap | Waterski Pro Tour


Swiss Pro Tricks Recap

Mati Gonzalez wins the 2024 Swiss Pro Tricks

Men’s trick podium at the 2024 Swiss Pro Tricks (image: @waterskiprotour)

Waterski Pro Tour

The Waterski Pro Tour returned for its fourth season with a trick event in which the female ‘old guard’ underlined, capitalized and circled their dominance while a new generation took flight in the men’s. After a wait of just under 7 months between Tour events, the Swiss Pro Tricks was just the barnstorming opener we were looking for.

In the mens tricks, Pato Font, the undoubted dominant force with 11 pro titles, let his crown slip just a touch to allow a pair of 16 year olds onto the podium above him. Jake Abelson started well and improved in each round, culminating in a finals performance of 12,230 that is not only his best ever but a pending USA record. However, 1st place went to Mati Gonzalez as he paired his trademark toes with a huge hand pass that incorporated some exceptional ski line tricks. His 12,440 tied his best as he broke the 12k barrier for the third but certainly most important time in his career. He joins Font, Joel Poland (disappointed with an oh-so-close final run), Dorien Llewellyn and Adam Pickos as only the fifth pro event winner amongst the currently competing pack. Font, clearly devastated after a fall on his toe run that he put down to an uncharacteristic lapse on focus, still managed to finish third with 11,610.

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The Orakei Basin in Auckland

2025 IWWF World University Water Ski Championships To Be Held in New Zealand


2025 IWWF World University Waterski Championships to be held in New Zealand

The Orakei Basin in Auckland

Aerial view of Orakei basin, near Auckland, New Zealand (image: Bruce W. Hayward)


The IWWF Executive Board has approved a bid from New Zealand Waterski Association to host the 2025 IWWF World University Waterski Championships at the Auckland Water Ski Club (AWSC). The Championships, which will include the three traditional events of slalom, tricks and jump, will be held February 26 through March 2, 2025 at the Orakei Basin in Auckland. The dates have been selected to align with New Zealand’s peak summer period and pre- Moomba Masters.

“The site is unique and located inside a dormant volcanic crater on the side of the Hauraki Gulf and Auckland Harbour. It is within sight of the SkyTower in the centre of Auckland. While the site is saltwater based, it has hosted several great skiers and events over the years including the New Zealand Nationals every 5 years. It skis well with historical slalom scores into 10.25 metres and jumps over 65 metres.”

This will be the first IWWF World Titled traditional waterski event hosted by New Zealand and the first since our separation from the FISU World University Championships program. It will be towed exclusively by the World Record-Setting Ski Nautique.

The IWWF World University Waterski Championships is a team event comprised of skiers between the ages of 17 and 25 who are full time students in good standing at an accredited university.

The event itself has a very rich tradition with many of the world’s top skiers competing over the years. Beginning in 1996 with the first IWSF World University Trophy Tournament, in Milledgeville, Georgia, USA and a second IWSF World University Trophy Tournament in 1998 in Cleveland, Tennessee, the IWSF went on to sanction the 1st World University Waterski Championships in Tianjin, China, in 2002. The Tianjin event, probably the largest amateur waterski event in history with tens of thousands in attendance, was broadcast live on China’s National TV Network, which at the time had a total viewership of 600,000,000.

In 2002, The IWSF (Now IWWF) partnered with the International University Sports Federation (FISU) and FISU sanctioned events in Balakovo, Russia (2004), Tianjin, China (2008), Santiago, Chile (2012) and Akita, Japan (2016). Events were also scheduled for Dnipro, Ukraine in 2020 and Minsk, Belarus in 2022. Both were canceled, the first by COVID-19 pandemic, the second due to the war. Ukraine was rescheduled to 2024 but had to be canceled once again due to the war.

2025 marks the beginning of a new era as the World University Championships returns to the IWWF. The next event, hopefully, will take place in 2026 and will include two or more sport disciplines, conducted under the umbrella of the “IWWF University Worlds.”


Regina Jaquess wins the 2024 Moomba Masters

Jaquess Rises Up Down Under For First Moomba Slalom Title | USA Water Ski


Jaquess rises up down under for first Moomba slalom title

Regina Jaquess wins the 2024 Moomba Masters

Image: Moomba Masters

Regina Jaquess (Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.), the No. 1 ranked skier on the IWWF World Rankings List and current women’s world slalom record holder, has now won every major slalom tournament in the world during her legendary career. Jaquess won her first career Moomba Masters slalom title on Monday at the 63rd Nautique Moomba Masters, presented by GM Marine, on the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia.

Jaquess, 39, scored 2-1/2 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off in the finals, edging Canada’s Whitney McClintock, the defending champion, who scored 2 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off. Elizabeth Montavon (Lake Worth, Fla.) scored 4 buoys at 38 feet off to place third.

Jaquess, who works full time running her own business, last competed at the Moomba Masters in 2012, when she finished third in women’s slalom. But she is no stranger to the top of the podium Down Under. She also won women’s tricks at the 2003 Moomba Masters to go along with her now 2024 Moomba Masters slalom title. Jaquess also placed third in women’s jump (162 feet) in this year’s event.

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Jaimee Bull undergoes surgery

This Offseason Could Present Jamiee Bull’s Biggest Challenge Yet | BayToday


This offseason could present Jamiee Bull’s biggest challenge yet

Jaimee Bull undergoes surgery

Bull may require surgery for a torn ligament sustained last Sping.

By Matt Sookram


Two-time World Water Skiing Champion Jamiee Bull is coming off a second consecutive World Title win in Women’s Slalom at the 2023 International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) World Waterski Championships this past October, further cementing her position as a dominant force in the water skiing world.  

In a recent interview with Lisa Boivin on North Bay Echo podcast To North Bay with Love, Bull divulged that her biggest challenge may be coming up.  

“In the spring I tore the ligament that holds your tibia and fibula together, the two bones in your leg and most of my knee. I don’t know exactly when it happened. I know that I crashed, but I wasn’t like, ‘Oh my knee hurts’. But after that, it was sore and that’s when I started noticing my fibula was just moving freely. It took a while to figure out what was going on. After communicating with doctors and physiotherapists they said if I could deal with the pain and I could ski on it, I could keep going without doing more damage to it and they would just have to reattach it after the season,” says Bull. 

“I skied on it all year and just had it braced up. After the season was done, I needed to figure out what I was going to do with this and we settled on a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection where they pulled blood out of my arm and then spun it and took the good parts of the blood and injected it into where the ligament is stored in the hopes that it’s going to help get the ligament to create a little bond and scar tissue to hold it together. This is the first step and I’m hoping that some downtime and some extra blood in there will help stabilize it enough that I don’t need surgery, but if I do, I found a surgeon now and I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with the surgery,” says Bull.  

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Sweden's Elliot Westlund won two silvers at the Youth Olympic Games and a silver at the U17 World Waterski Championships

One Sport Not Enough for Sweden’s Multi-Talented Westlund | Olympics


One sport not enough for Sweden’s multi-talented Alpine skiing duo

Elliot Westlund is also a successful international water skiing athlete

Liam Liljenborg and Elliot Westlund are also successful international crossfit and water skiing athletes (image: OIS/IOS/Jonathan Nackstrand)


Gangwon 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games competitors Liam Liljenborg and Elliot Westlund are not only aiming to be among the best Alpine skiers in the world. The Swedish pair are also targeting global success in their summer sports.

So far, the signs are promising.

On Monday, Liljenborg (pictured above), who has had success as an international crossfit athlete, claimed YOG bronze in the men’s Alpine combined.

Two days later, teammate Westlund came close to adding a Gangwon 2024 giant slalom medal (he fell at the final gate of the second run with at least a silver medal in his grasp) to the water skiing Under-17 World Championships jump silver he won in Chile last year.

Both are still targeting glory on the snow, in the Gangwon 2024 men’s slalom (Thursday) and mixed team event (Friday). But once spring comes, they will turn their attention elsewhere.

“At the end of May I will head to Florida for a two-week water skiing training camp and some competition,” Westlund said. “Then it will be back for the European Junior Championships.

“The plan is to do both for as long as possible. When it’s winter my favourite is Alpine skiing and when it’s summer, it’s water skiing.

“Both have a lot of adrenaline in them but maybe jump in water skiing I get a bit more excited because it’s so much adrenaline. It’s just an amazing feeling to be in the air for so long.

“By doing water skiing I can really get my head into pushing more and wanting to go faster on the slopes. It also helps me to get my head off Alpine skiing for a while and focus on something else and really get a break. Then when I am back on Alpine skiing I am really hungry again.”

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Update: Westlund went on to secure two silver medals, one in the men’s slalom event, and another in the mixed team parallel event.

Elizabeth Montavon pro water skier

No Regrets: Montavon Learns to Live with an Autoimmune Disease | FC Gargoyle


No regrets: Elizabeth Montavon pro water skier learns to live with an autoimmune disease

Elizabeth Montavon pro water skier

Provided by KLFY Lafayette.

By Gabby Alfveby

Flagler College Gargoyle

One second, you’re at the top of the pyramid and among some of the best water skiers in the world cruising along the surface of the water at 80 mph preparing for future competitions and then you crash: tearing your forearm muscles and getting a concussion.

She was one of the best skiers in the world at the time. Cruising along the surface of the water at 80 mph, she was preparing for future competitions. Trying to get back on top of the podium.

Then she crashed, tearing her forearm muscles and sustaining a concussion.

“I had too much water speed,” Elizabeth Montavon said. “It was just too dangerous of conditions and me thinking as long as I survive it, I’ll be better.”

Montavon is a 3rd generation professional water skier who is ranked as the No. 7 professional slalom skier in the world. Montavon is a 9x national champion, 3x All American, a Pro Tour Stop Champion and a US National Team Member, to name a few of her accomplishments.

Montavon suffered a violent crash in Spring 2022 while training in adverse weather conditions.

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Ragin’ Cajuns water ski team wins fourth national title in a row, 10th overall

Ragin’ Cajuns Water Ski Team Wins Fourth National Title in a Row | KLFY Lafayette


Ragin’ Cajuns water ski team wins fourth national title in a row, 10th overall

Ragin’ Cajuns water ski team wins fourth national title in a row, 10th overall

Provided by KLFY Lafayette.

By Charlie Bier

KLFY Lafayette

ZACHARY, La. (KLFY) — UL Lafayette’s Ragin’ Cajuns water ski team has claimed its fourth consecutive Division I national title, bringing its overall total to 10 championships.

The team holds the most national championships in school history; it competes as a club sport rather than an NCAA-sanctioned sport.

The team also earned Division I national championships in 2022, 2021, 2019, 2015, 2010, 2005, 2003, 1997 and 1995. COVID-19 considerations prevented the championship from being held in 2020.

This year’s national championship came at the Syndicate Waterskis 2023 Collegiate Nationals that were held Oct. 26-28 in Zachary, La. The win capped an undefeated season for the team, an unbeaten streak that stretches back to 2019.

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Whitney McClintock is off to her 5th Pan Am Games.

McClintock Living Her Dream on and off the Water Ahead of Pan Am Games | Cambridge Today


Cambridge’s McClintock living her dream on and off the water ahead of Pan Am Games

 Whitney McClintock is off to her 5th Pan Am Games.

Whitney McClintock is off to her 5th Pan Am Games.

By Matt Betts

Cambridge Today

Life is all about perspective for Cambridge water skier Whitney McClintock as she gets ready to embark on her 5th Pan Am Games.

A fierce competitor out on the water, it was three years ago she found her true purpose when she gave birth to her son Zane.

“I love water skiing,” McClintock said.

“But I always wanted to be a wife and mommy.”

Now, with Zane in tow, she’s ready to board a flight to Santiago, Chile to compete for her country again.

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Teams podium from the 2023 IWWF World Water Ski Championships

USA Reclaims Team Overall Gold Medal in Lake County, Florida | IWWF


USA Reclaims Team Overall Gold Medal in Lake County, Florida

Team podium from the 2023 World Championships (image: @iwwfed)


Groveland, Florida (October 16, 2023) – The final day of competition of the 2023 IWWF World Waterski Championships brought lots of excitement to waterski fans at Sunset Lakes in Lake County Florida and all around the world watching the live stream.

In Women’s Jump, Hanna Straltsova (USA) won the gold medal with a jump of 55.9 metres ahead of Aliaksandra Danisheuskaya (USA) 53.6 metres who won the silver medal and Lauren Morgan (USA), The World Games 2022 Jump Champion, with 53.0 metres to win bronze.

Men’s jump saw some mind-blowing distances at Sunset Lakes with the reigning World Champion and World Record holder, Ryan Dodd (Canada) winning the gold on his very first jump 69.9 metres (skiers are given three jumps), ahead of many-time World Champion & record holder Freddy Krueger (USA) 69.0 metres who won the silver medal and Taylor Garcia (USA) who won the bronze with a 67.9 metre jump.

Canada’s Jaimee Bull reclaimed her World slalom title by scoring 3.5 buoys on the 10.75 metre line, edging out current World Record Holder Regina Jaquess (USA) 2.50 buoys at 10.75 metre and Allie Nicholson (USA) 2 buoys at 10.75 metres winning the bronze medal.

Great Britain’s Frederick Winter reclaimed the Men’s World Slalom title he last won in 2017 with a score of 4 buoys on the 10.25 metre line, ahead of USA’s Dane Mechler who was just shy of Winter’s score, 3 buoys on the 10.25 metre line, to win the silver medal.  Canada’s Stephen Neveu also scored  3 buoys on the 10.25 metre line but took home the bronze because he had lower preliminary round score that broke the tie with Dane.

Hanna Straltsova (USA) won her second gold medal in the Women’s Overall event, ahead of Germany’s Giannina Bonnemann Mechler who won the silver medal and USA’s Regina Jaquess who won the bronze medal.

In Men’s Overall, France’s Louis Duplan-Fribourg became the first Frenchman to win the Men’s Individual Overall Gold Medal in 24 years, since Patrice Martin won it in 1999.  Reigning World Overall Champion and current World Overall Record Holder Joel Poland from Great Britain won the silver medal followed by Canada’s Dorien Llewellyn winning the bronze medal.

The USA won their first Team Overall title since 2017, ahead of Canada and France to the delight of the many home fans who came out to Sunset Lakes to watch the best waterskiers in the world.

Final Results – click here

The 2023 IWWF World Waterski Championships was exclusively towed by the World-record setting Ski Nautique and Masterline was the Official Tow Rope of the event.

The event was live-streamed throughout on IWWF’s YouTube Channel.

Official Event Web Site (general information, results, live stream link, etc):