Is 13,000 points on the horizon?

Is 13k on the Horizon? Font Sets Yet Another Pending World Trick Record


13k on the Horizon as Font Sets Yet Another Pending World Record

Is 13,000 points on the horizon?

Is 13,000 points on the horizon? (Image: Nautique)

By Jack Burden

This Saturday, during the Ski Nautique Ski Pickos record tournament in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, Patricio Font achieved an astounding score of 12,770, surpassing his own world record of 12,690. This is potentially Font’s third world record in less than twelve months after breaking Aliaksei Zharnasek’s mark, which had stood unbroken for over eleven years. The speed at which Font is increasing the record, following years of stagnation, leaves us pondering the potential ceiling on trick performances in the sport. As we examine the current field of trick skiers, it becomes evident that the answer could be over 13,000 points.

Font’s record hand run.

Font’s success in trick skiing is founded on his incredible speed and efficiency in hand tricking. His ability to incorporate eleven big-ticket tricks into his hand run sets him apart from most top-level trickers, who typically base their runs around ten tricks. While other skiers have showcased comparable speed in the past, they did not perform the caliber of tricks that Font does. In his latest record-breaking run, Font executed six flips, each worth 750 points or more, along with five ski lines, including the 750-point ski-line-seven-back.

However, when it comes to toe tricking, Font is relatively weaker compared to some of his contemporaries. His top scoring toe run is valued at 5,130 points, which is undeniably world-class. Yet, there are at least six current trickers who can outscore Font in this particular discipline. For instance, Matias Gonzalez recently scored 12,440 points, contained a toe run worth 5,500, potentially setting the highest ever score on toes. The standard of toe tricking underwent a decline in the early 2000s as focus shifted towards fast-evolving flip sequences. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, toe runs were generally worth more than hand runs. For example, in the finals of the 1994 U.S. Masters, both Cory Pickos and Tori Baggiano executed toe runs worth 5,450 points, with only one less scoring trick than Gonzalez’s recent run.

A skier who can combine Font’s exceptional hand tricking with Gonzalez’s (or Pickos’) outstanding toe run would score in excess of 13,000 points. Whether this feat will be achieved by Font himself or any of the other young skiers who have broken into the exclusive 12,000 point club in recent years remains uncertain. However, one thing is clear—the future of trick skiing is undoubtedly bright and promises to showcase even more incredible performances.

Update: Font’s score of 12,770 was reduced to 12,510 upon review by the IWWF TC.

Font’s Pending World Record

Pato Font Trick Sheet 12,770
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Travis Anderson
10 months ago

The secret is in the toes. The first person to hit 6k in a toe pass will own trick skiing for 20 years.