Patricio Font set a pending world trick record

Font Sets New Pending World Trick Record


Font Sets New Pending World Trick Record

Patricio Font set a pending world trick record

Image: @neilly.ross

By Jack Burden

Patricio Font has surpassed his own world trick record during the Masters Qualifying Series Event hosted at the Drew Ross Ski Academy in Orlando, Florida. Font achieved a score of 12,690 points, beating his previous record of 12,590 points set in October 2022.

Font’s accomplishment highlights the ever-evolving nature of trick skiing as athletes continue to push boundaries. Before Font broke the record last year, it had been the longest-standing record in three-event waterskiing, remaining unbroken since 2011.

The first of the three Masters Qualifying Series Events, attracting top-tier skiing talent looking to qualify for the 2023 Masters, provided the ideal platform for Font, already qualified as the defending Masters champion, to chase a big score. With his characteristic speed, Font showcased his diverse repertoire of tricks on his way to the world record mark.

We now await the official confirmation of Font’s new record, which will need to be reviewed by a panel of judges appointed by the IWWF tournament council for approval.

Meanwhile in the junior men’s division, Martin Labra set a pending under 17 world trick record of 12,310 points. Notably his toe run exceeded Font’s record run by 5,400 points to 5,130, a sign there may still be room to extend the record by Font.

Also in Men’s Trick over the weekend, Adam Pickos and Louis Duplan-Fribourg secured their spots to the Masters. Pickos achieved a score of 11,870 points, while Duplan-Fribourg followed with 11,300 points, achieving qualification with a 5th place finish because Jake Abelson and Mattias Gonzalez are competing in the Junior Masters. In Women’s Trick, Neilly Ross and Giannina Bonnemann Mechler also secured their places with scores of 10,290 and 9,930.

Taylor Garcia and Conley Pinette qualified in the Men’s Jump event with distances of 67.9 meters (223 feet) and 65.9 meters (216 feet). Hanna Straltsova and Aliaksandra Danisheuskaya, who are both skiing under the USA banner to avoid IWWF restrictions on Russian and Belarusian competitors, secured their spots with 57.1 meters (187 feet) and 52.1 meters (171 feet). Giannina Bonnemann Mechler and Valentina Gonzalez also qualified with their top four finishes.

The Men’s Slalom event saw Will Asher, Dane Mechler, and Robert Pigozzi qualify. Asher completed 5 buoys at 10.25 meters (41′ off), while Mechler achieved 4 buoys at the same line length. In Women’s Slalom, Allie Nicholson top scored with 3.5 buoys at 10.75 meters (39.5′ off). Paige Rini and Luisa Jaramillo also secured their qualification with 2 buoys at the same line length.

These athletes will join the previously qualified participants who earned their spots through winning either the 2022 Masters, 2022 Botaski Pro Am, 2022 California ProAm, or 2023 Moomba Masters.

With a total of eight spots available in each event, all eyes now turn to the second qualifying event at Sunset Lakes. The upcoming competition will determine the remaining spots in men’s trick (3), women’s trick (4), men’s jump (3), women’s jump (4), men’s slalom (4), and women’s slalom (3).

Update: Font’s world record was officially ratified by the IWWF on June 7, 2023.

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