Ankle Woes Pause Waterski Pro Cole McCormick's Season

Injury Update: Ankle Woes Pause Rising Star Cole McCormick’s Season


Injury update: Ankle woes pause rising star Cole McCormick’s season

Ankle Woes Pause Waterski Pro Cole McCormick's Season

Image: @johnnyofdeepcove

By Jack Burden

Canadian slalom skier Cole McCormick, among the top-10 finishers in the first two seasons of the Waterski Pro Tour, finds himself on the sidelines this spring due to a bone bruise on the top of his talus bone in his right ankle joint – his back foot for slalom. The injury has compelled him to take a hiatus from skiing for approximately seven weeks to facilitate the healing process.

Expressing his frustration with the situation, McCormick shared, “Injuries suck. Not skiing for almost 7 weeks during one of the busiest parts of the ski season sucks. Watching the Masters qualifiers from shore, thinking to myself ‘I should be there’ or ‘I could have done that’ sucks. Missing out on the Masters this year stings a little extra.”

McCormick, who grew up idolizing waterski legends and now competes against some of them, highlighted the emotional weight of not being able to contribute to the inspiration of aspiring skiers this year. Reflecting on the missed opportunity to compete against the world’s best, he noted, “I grew up watching waterski legends and even some of the very friends I now ski against set records and win titles in some of the most challenging conditions. They would always inspire me at the beginning of my ski season and give me something to strive towards as a Junior coming up the ranks. So not being able to be a part of someone else’s inspiration this year and missing out on competing against the best in the world definitely feels pretty bad…”

Despite the setback, McCormick remains optimistic and determined, stating, “BUT I can promise… I WILL BE BACK! One positive of this whole experience: it’s made me beyond motivated to come back stronger and better than before…” The setback may be a temporary pause, but McCormick’s resolve to return stronger indicates that his journey in the world of professional water skiing is far from over.