Louis Duplan-Fribourg Returns to Water, Sets Sights on US Masters Comeback

Injury Update: Louis Duplan-Fribourg Returns to Water, Sets Sights on US Masters Comeback


Injury update: Louis Duplan-Fribourg returns to water, sets sights on US Masters comeback

Louis Duplan-Fribourg Returns to Water, Sets Sights on US Masters Comeback

Duplan-Fribourg spent the winter undergoing intensive rehabilitation, aiming to return to the water in 2024 (image: @louisduplanfribourg)

By Jack Burden

Louis Duplan-Fribourg, the reigning world overall champion, made his return to the water this weekend for the first time since undergoing shoulder surgery in November last year. With his sights set on the US Masters in late May, the 23-year-old Frenchman is diligently working towards regaining full strength.

During his first set back on his trick ski, Duplan-Fribourg took a cautious approach due to his still recovering shoulder. However, he expressed his excitement at being back on the water, stating, “It’s fun to be on the water,” and adding, “the feeling is unreal!”

Duplan-Fribourg underwent shoulder surgery on November 15th to address persistent issues that had plagued him over the past couple of seasons. Opting for surgery during the post-World Championships period, he seized the opportunity to resolve the issue once and for all.

The French national record holder in tricks and jump recently completed a one-month stint of intensive rehabilitation at the European Sports Rehabilitation Center (CERS) in Capbreton, France to facilitate his return to the water. Reflecting on his rehabilitation journey, he expressed gratitude, stating, “It has been a difficult and intense month of work.” He also expressed appreciation for the support received from the team at CERS, saying, “I gave my best every day, and every time you gave it back.”

Duplan-Fribourg is determined to build on his successful 2023 season. For 2024, he has set ambitious goals, aiming “to win the US Masters in tricks and the WWS Overall Tour.” Now the third highest scoring trick skier of all time, the Frenchman’s anticipated rivalries with athletes like Patricio Font in tricks and Joel Poland in overall are expected to be among the most captivating storylines of the upcoming season.

His immediate focus will be on regaining his form in the trick event ahead of the Masters Qualifying Series in mid-May, with the aim of securing his spot at Robin Lake. In 2023, Duplan-Fribourg finished third in the Master’s trick event behind Font and Poland, two athletes who have tricked over 12,000 points more times than any other active skiers.

As the eldest of three remarkably talented siblings, Louis’ younger brother Pol recently clinched his first professional jump title during the night jump at the Moomba Masters earlier this month, edging out Ryan Dodd. Meanwhile, his youngest brother, Tristan, is poised to compete in both the Junior Masters and Under-17 World Championships later this year, where he is considered a favorite in jump and a strong contender in overall.

As Louis embarks on his road to recovery, we can expect to see much more of him, as well as the entire Duplan-Fribourg family, on top of podiums in the coming year.