Swiss Pro Tricks on April 21st

Swiss Pro Tricks to Launch the 2024 Waterski Pro Tour


Swiss Pro Tricks to launch the 2024 Waterski Pro Tour

Swiss Pro Tricks on April 21st

Image: @swissprowaterski

By Jack Burden

For the second consecutive year, the Swiss Pro Tricks has the honor of kicking off the highly anticipated Waterski Pro Tour. Following its success in 2023, this unique trick-only event promises to once again captivate fans with its thrilling performances. With an all-star lineup, including every world trick champion from the past decade, the stage is set for another exhilarating competition.

In its inaugural edition, the Swiss Pro Tricks made history by witnessing three trickers surpass the 12,000-point mark in the same tournament. Joel Poland, Louis Duplan-Fribourg, and Patricio Font all showcased their class during the qualifying rounds, with Font even tying his world record before Poland clinched the event with yet another remarkable 12,000-point performance. The tournament also set a record for the most scores over 11,000 points, including Erika Lang, who achieved the highest score ever by a woman in a professional event on her path to victory.

Reflecting on the excitement and intensity of the event, Trent Finlayson shared on the Waterski Pro Tour podcast, “The skiing was unlike anything that has ever happened in the history of the sport.” He added, “It was so exciting; that was the easiest tournament for me to watch since I’ve been tuning into these pro events on webcasts.” Matteo Luzzeri concurred, stating, “the scores with which both the men and the women were won, these are scores that were unimaginable, let’s say, 10 years ago.”

“Adding another event to the tournament season is awesome for us trickers,” shared Lang after her victory. Similarly, Poland expressed his excitement, stating, “It’s really important for us as trickers to have events; we’ve been lacking a little bit recently.” He added, “Tricking’s coming back! I’m getting goosebumps saying it.”

Building upon the success of the previous year, the 2024 Waterski Pro Tour is poised to reach new heights with increased prize money and the introduction of exciting new events such as the Marrakech K1000 Pro and the Oxfordshire ProAm. While tour events primarily focus on slalom, with only four jump and two trick events planned, the proliferation of slalom competitions promises nonstop viewing action for fans over the summer. Particularly noteworthy are the significant gains in women’s slalom, with 2024 on track to feature the highest professional prize purse in the history of women’s skiing.

The tour’s next stop will be the Swiss Pro Slalom, taking place just two weeks later in Central Florida, before attention shifts to the Masters qualifying series. The battle for the season championship in women’s slalom is anticipated to be fiercely contested, with defending champion Jaimee Bull, world record holder Regina Jaquess, and multiple-time world champion Whitney McClintock Rini vying for supremacy.

With anticipation building, fans eagerly await the start of the Waterski Pro Tour. Who will emerge victorious in 2024?

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