Adam Sedlmajer breaks Jaret Llewellyn's longstanding world record

Adam Sedlmajer Breaks the World Overall Record

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On this day: April 20, Adam Sedlmajer breaks the world overall record

Adam Sedlmajer break Jaret Llewellyn's longstanding world record

Image: @adamsedlmajer


April 20

Today in History

On April 20, 2017, Adam Sedlmajer broke Jaret Llewellyn’s world overall record, which had stood for 14 and a half years, making it the longest standing men’s world record of all time.

Sedlmajer shared his elation on the achievement:

“Holy c#!p I just set the world overall record with a round of 4@41 [off (10.25m)], 10,640 [points, and] 216 [feet (65.7 meters)]. What a week this has been – turning 30, records, and having family in town. Wow I could not be happier.”

“I’m happy to check this dream of mine off and definitely hungry for more.”

“Very stoked to have broken the longest record of any event in the IWWF history.”

Sedlmajer, a two-time world overall champion, would go on to break the record once more in 2018.