OTD: Glenn Thurlow Becomes First Water Skier to Jump 200 Feet

Glenn Thurlow Breaks 200 Feet for the First Time

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On this day: March 14, Glenn Thurlow breaks 200 feet for the first time

Glenn Thurlow Becomes First Water Skier to Jump 200 Feet

Image: Channel 7 Australia


March 14

Today in History

On March 14, 1983, Glenn Thurlow became the first water skier to jump over 200 feet, jumping 61.5 meters (202′) in the final round of the Moomba Masters.

Here’s an excerpt from Duke Cullimore reporting on the milestone achievement in The Water Skier:

“Thurlow’s approach and cut for the ramp on his record-setting jump was smooth. As he soared into a light headwind, his form nearly perfect, it was apparent that this was going to be one of the better jumps of the tournament – in a field which had already seen Sammy Duvall rip off a 195-footer in the second day of eliminations.

When he landed beyond the 200-foot mark, his touchdown point clearly visible to the crowd, Thurlow knew he had a superior performance. His arms shot over his head in triumph and the Australian crowd cheered wildly as the distance was announced.

With Hazelwood, Duvall, and Roberge coming up next in that order, Thurlow had some anxious moments as these men, each possessing the ability to equal or top his 202-foot mark, tried their best. There was plenty of incentive: in addition to the distinction of setting a new world record, a new automobile would be awarded the jumper going the greatest distance in the tournament. As Thurlow watched, Hazelwood (trying to retain his world jump title) and Duvall both managed best jumps of 195 feet while Roberge’s best was 192.”