West Palm Opens International Water Ski Tour

The Coors Light International Water Ski Tour is Launched

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On this day: May 6, the Coors Light International Water Ski Tour is launched

West Palm Opens International Tour

Image: The Water Skier


May 6

Today in History

On May 6, 1984, the inaugural season of the Coors Light Water Ski Tour began with it’s first stop in West Palm Beach, Florida.

This mark the first organized professional tour in the history of the sport, featuring men’s and women’s slalom, men’s jump, and men’s freestyle in it’s debut season.

Here’s an excerpt from John Baker reporting for The Water Skier on the occasion:

“The West Palm Beach (Florida) Classic, May 6 opener of the International Water Ski Tour/Coors Light Series of Water Skiing, found an estimated 5,000 spectators cheering eight men and four women in head-to-head slalom competition. After two elimination rounds each, Carl Roberge and Bob LaPoint faced each other in the finals where LaPoint edged out Roberge by one buoy with 3 1/2 @ 38 off [11.25m].”

“Deena Brush easily took command of Women’s slalom in the finals, making 6 @ 35 off [12m] against Anna M. Carrasco with 5 @ 32 off [13m].”

“Sammy Duvall took first in Men’s jumping by going 184 feet [56.1m] on his second time up, while Mike Hazelwood was a close second with 181 feet [55.2m] on his third and last jump.”