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Quiz: Every Man Over 40-Years-Old to Jump 200 Feet (60.9m)


Quiz: Every man over 40-years-old to jump 200 feet (60.9m)

Having No Difficulty In Keeping Up With Youth (image: The Ledger)


3 minute play

In this quiz, you need to name all the male skiers over 40 years old who have jumped over 200 feet (60.9 meters).

The list has 14 skiers, all of whom belong to the exclusive club of men who have jumped 200 feet at least once in a world ranking tournament while over 40 years old. For the purposes of this quiz, age is measured in ski years, which means the skier’s age on January 1st of the year the score was achieved. You have three minutes to guess as many as you can. We have mentioned each skier’s country, as well as their year of birth, and top score achieved over 40.

Data updated as of October 31, 2023