Emma Sheers Waterski Jumping

Quiz: Every Woman to Jump More Than 55 Meters (180 feet)


Quiz: Every woman to jump more than 55 meters (180 feet)

Women’s Jump during the Moomba Water Skiing event held at The Yarra River, March 6, 1999 (image: Getty Images)


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In this quiz, you need to name all the female skiers who have jumped more than 55 meters (180 feet).

The list has 13 skiers, all of whom belong to the exclusive club of women who have jumped 55 meters at least once in a world ranking tournament. five out of the 13 skiers held the world record at some point in their careers. We have mentioned the number of jumps over 55 meters, as well as the country and top score.

Data updated as of October 31, 2023