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Quiz: Sites with the Most 10.75s (39.5 offs) Run since 2010


Quiz: Sites with the most 10.75s (39.5 offs) run since 2010

Image: Shortline Lake


June 22, 2021

8 minute play

In this quiz, you need to name the waterski sites with the most 10.75 meters run since 2010.

The list has fourty-one sites from all around the world. We have set the cut off at fifty slalom scores through 10.75 meters (39.5 off) in world ranking tournaments since 2010. The list is dominated by the USA, where 60% of 10.75s have been run. We have mentioned the country, as well as the number of scores through 10.75 in the mentioned time period.

Data updated as of May 1, 2021