Freddy Krueger and Ryan Dodd water ski jumping

2023 MasterCraft Pro Recap | Waterski Pro Tour


MasterCraft Pro Recap

Freddy Krueger and Ryan Dodd water ski jumping

Freddy Krueger water ski jumping at Ski Fluid.

Waterski Pro Tour

In how many professional sports is it possible to point at a 48 year old that is still competitive? Or even competing.

If there is such a list it would be a very short one. But at the top of it would be jump waterskiing. Why at the top? Well, because Freddy Krueger, our 48 year old, isn’t simply competing, is not only competitive but always, always at the very pointy end. This weekend, like so very many weekends before, he won. And his win at the MasterCraft Pro was not just another win. It was his crowning moment as the 2023 Waterski Pro Tour Jump Champion.

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