Elizabeth Montavon pro water skier

No Regrets: Montavon Learns to Live with an Autoimmune Disease | FC Gargoyle


No regrets: Elizabeth Montavon pro water skier learns to live with an autoimmune disease

Elizabeth Montavon pro water skier

Provided by KLFY Lafayette.

By Gabby Alfveby

Flagler College Gargoyle

One second, you’re at the top of the pyramid and among some of the best water skiers in the world cruising along the surface of the water at 80 mph preparing for future competitions and then you crash: tearing your forearm muscles and getting a concussion.

She was one of the best skiers in the world at the time. Cruising along the surface of the water at 80 mph, she was preparing for future competitions. Trying to get back on top of the podium.

Then she crashed, tearing her forearm muscles and sustaining a concussion.

“I had too much water speed,” Elizabeth Montavon said. “It was just too dangerous of conditions and me thinking as long as I survive it, I’ll be better.”

Montavon is a 3rd generation professional water skier who is ranked as the No. 7 professional slalom skier in the world. Montavon is a 9x national champion, 3x All American, a Pro Tour Stop Champion and a US National Team Member, to name a few of her accomplishments.

Montavon suffered a violent crash in Spring 2022 while training in adverse weather conditions.

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