Whitney McClintock Rini

The Dawn of a Golden Era? | Waterski Journal


The Dawn of a Golden Era?

Whitney McClintock Rini

Image: Whitney McClintock Rini (photo: Radar Skis)

By Freddie Winter

Waterski Journal

Amongst the many reasons that sport is such a large part of our culture is the collective excitement we feel when witnessing something that was previously thought extremely unlikely or even unthinkable. In most areas of life progress is reached behind closed doors with few witnesses but sporting spectacle is there for all to experience as history is written in real time. The Malibu Open at the start of last October was one such occasion, as all four women’s slalom finalists ran into 10.25m, marking the first time this had happened. In the minds of many, there was suddenly a new era of competitiveness in women’s slalom.

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