Sedlmajer received a 15-month ban

Sedlmajer Receives 15-Month Ban Following Positive Doping Test


Sedlmajer Receives 15-Month Ban Following Positive Doping Test

Sedlmajer received a 15-month ban

The two-time world overall champion received the ban for taking a common blood pressure medication. (Image: @adamdeslmajer)

By Jack Burden

In a recent development, Adam Sedlmajer disclosed that his sample collected during in-competition doping control at the World Championships last year tested positive for Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ), a common medication used to treat high blood pressure. Sedlmajer, who had been taking HCTZ for the past three years under a prescription from his family doctor, revealed that he has been struggling with high blood pressure for most of his adolescent life, due to family history.

While HCTZ is a widely used and FDA-approved medication for hypertension treatment, it is classified as a S5 Diuretic and Masking agent by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). This classification arises from its property of causing increased urine production, making it potentially susceptible to abuse by athletes attempting to flush their systems of performance-enhancing drugs. Consequently, WADA does not grant therapeutic exemptions for such substances.

Despite searching the WADA website for the drug’s status and not finding it listed as a prohibited medication at the time, Sedlmajer acknowledged full responsibility for the outcome. He emphasized that he conducted due diligence and verified the drug’s authorization under WADA rules, though the website has since been updated with relevant information.

Following months of communications, appeals, and hearings, Sedlmajer’s results from the 2021 World Championships have been annulled, and he has received a 15-month ban until April 2023. In light of the situation, he invites individuals to familiarize themselves with the drug or reach out to him for further discussion.

Sedlmajer’s case sheds light on the complexities of anti-doping regulations, emphasizing the importance of athletes remaining vigilant and informed about the substances they are using, even when medically prescribed. As he navigates this challenging period, the waterskiing community stands in support, hoping to see him back on the water soon.

Read Sedlmajer’s full statement below:

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