Jacinta Carroll Retires from Professional Water Skiing After 10th Consecutive Moomba Masters Victory

Jacinta Carroll Retires from Professional Water Skiing After 10th Consecutive Moomba Masters Victory


Jacinta Carroll retires from professional water skiing after 10th consecutive Moomba Masters victory

Jacinta Carroll Retires from Professional Water Skiing After 10th Consecutive Moomba Masters Victory

Image: @jacintacarroll

By Jack Burden

Jacinta Carroll, the Australian powerhouse in women’s water skiing, has announced her retirement from professional competition following her incredible 10th consecutive Moomba Masters jump title. Remarkably, she achieved this feat just 100 days after giving birth, solidifying her legacy as one of the sport’s greatest athletes.

In an emotional speech shared after her victory, Carroll expressed gratitude for her journey in the sport, stating, “I started my professional career here in 2011 when I won my first Moomba Masters, so it was only fitting that I come back this year for my last professional jump event. I officially would like to announce that I’m retiring from the women’s jump event.” When questioned about a potential return in 2025, she dismissed any possibility, saying, “there’s a glimmer, and that’s why I sold my boat before this event.”

Her final victory was perhaps her toughest yet. Carroll had just two weeks of on-water training in the 12 months leading up to this event after giving birth to her daughter Amelia on December 2nd last year. She underwent a strict regimen of nutrition and strength training to recover in time for the event, with help from an international team of experts. Her message to other recent mothers contemplating a return to the jump event this soon is simple: “Don’t try this at home.”

Commenting on Carroll’s decision to return in 2024, announcer Glen Williams praised her tenacity, saying, “Hats off to Jacinta for putting that unbeaten record [on the line]. She has got the record for the most consecutive professional wins in water skiing and it’s [42 consecutive elite victories]. Last [42] tournaments she has entered she has won. Now she has put this record on the line coming back here to Moomba because she’s taking on Regina Jaquess, she’s taking on Sasha Danisheuskaya, who are both magnificent jumpers, and she has only just gotten back into jumping, hardly done any training, just had a baby, she’s put that record on the line for her competitive spirit and also to support Australia’s big water ski tournament.”

Known affectionately as “Rabbit,” Carroll has been a dominant force in women’s jumping since her teenage years. Since her runner up finish at the 2013 Moomba Masters, Carroll has maintained an unprecedented winning streak, triumphing in every professional event she has entered. This unparalleled dominance includes ten consecutive Moomba Masters titles and seven consecutive U.S. Masters titles. Additionally, she clinched five consecutive world titles between 2013 and 2021 and has held the world record since 2015.

Carroll’s retirement announcement comes after a several years of limited participation in major events. Following her dismissal by Nautique, her major sponsor, for setting the world record behind the ‘wrong boat,’ she has made only sporadic appearances in professional competitions, primarily to uphold her winning streak at the Moomba Masters.

Carroll’s achievements have set a benchmark for excellence in the sport, and her legacy will endure for years to come. As she embarks on the next chapter of her life, Carroll leaves behind a void in the sport that will be challenging to fill. However, her contributions have undoubtedly elevated women’s water skiing to new heights, inspiring future generations of athletes.

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