Ryan Dodd leaves the dock at the 2023 Moomba Masters

Strong Field Confirmed for the 63rd Moomba Masters as Carroll Eyes Comeback


Strong field confirmed for the 63rd Moomba Masters as Jacinta Carroll eyes comeback

Ryan Dodd leaves the dock at the 2023 Moomba Masters

Waterskiing’s finest set to converge in Melbourne (image: @vincephotography)

By Jack Burden

The stage is set for the 63rd Moomba Masters International Invitational, one of water skiing’s premier events, as the Victorian Water Ski Association sent out invitations for the tournament scheduled in March. A total of 65 athletes hailing from 15 countries have confirmed their participation, promising a fiercely competitive and diverse field.

The 2024 roster boasts a remarkable lineup, including four out of the six individual event winners from the previous year’s World Championships and all six individual event world record holders. Notably, Regina Jaquess, making a return to Melbourne after over a decade, will be eyeing her first Moomba Masters slalom title.

While the top seeds showcase seasoned and recognized names in the world of water skiing, the rest of the field comprises emerging talents, many of whom are relatively unknown. The event’s timing and location have historically posed challenges for northern hemisphere athletes, adding an extra layer of excitement as young talents seek to make a mark on the global stage.

A notable addition to the entry list is Jacinta Carroll, the world record holder, who welcomed her first child in December of the preceding year. Carroll, undefeated in professional events since 2013, aims to secure her 10th consecutive Moomba Masters title, provided she recovers in time for the event.

The Moomba Masters, held in downtown Melbourne during the city’s annual Moomba Festival, draws the largest crowd of any water ski event globally. The Yarra River, with its brackish water, variable tidal current, and challenging bounceback from the river’s banks, sets a demanding stage for the athletes. However, the unparalleled atmosphere of skiing in front of thousands of spectators makes it one of the most thrilling experiences in the sport.

Top 10 Seeded Women:

Regina Jaquess (USA)Erika Lang (USA)Jacinta Carroll (AUS)
Whitney Rini (CAN)Neilly Ross (CAN)Regina Jaquess (USA)
Neilly Ross (CAN)Hannah Stopnicki (CAN)Aaliyah Yoong Hannifah (MAS)
Elizabeth Montavon (USA)Alexia Abelson (USA)Sade Ferguson (AUS)
Alice Bagnoli (ITA)Aaliyah Yoong Hannifah (MAS)Lara Butlin (AUS)
Sade Ferguson (AUS)Erica Hayes (AUS)Kristy Appelton (AUS)
Christhiana De Osma (PER)Sade Ferguson (AUS)Sanchia Outram (GBR)
Sanchia Outram (GBR)Kristy Appelton (AUS)Elizabeth Hall (USA)
Lara Butlin (AUS)Laura Hayes (AUS)Zarhli Reeves (AUS)
Erika Lang (USA)Sanchia Outram (GBR)

Top 10 Seeded Men:

Nate Smith (USA)Patricio Font (MEX)Ryan Dodd (CAN)
Frederick Winter (GBR)Matias Gonzalez (CHI)Jack Critchley (GBR)
Thomas Degasperi (ITA)Jake Abelson (USA)Igor Morozov (IWF)
Corey Vaughn (USA)Edoardo Marenzi (ITA)Tobias Giorgis (ARG)
Joel Howley (AUS)Pol Duplan-Fribourg (FRA)Edoardo Marenzi (ITA)
Charlie Ross (CAN)Tobias Giorgis (ARG)Archie Davis (AUS)
Nicholas Adams (AUS)Bautista Ahumada (ARG)Pol Duplan-Fribourg (FRA)
Cale Burdick (USA)Archie Davis (AUS)Josh Wallent (AUS)
Lucas Cornale (AUS)Lucas Cornale (AUS)Alex King (NZL)
Arron Davies (GBR)Callan Ashcroft (AUS)Patricio Zohar (ARG)

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