Adam Sedlmajer Slalom Skiing

Quiz: Every Man to Run 10.75m, Jump 200′, and Trick 10,000 Points


Quiz: Every man to run 10.75m, jump 200′, and trick 10,000 points

Adam Sedlmajer Slalom Skiing

Image: @tiaremirandaphotography


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In this quiz, you need to name all the male skiers who have run 10.75 meters (39.5′ off), jumped 200 feet (60.9m), and tricked 10,000 points.

The list has 12 skiers, all of whom belong to the exclusive club of skiers who have performed each of these impressive feats at least once in a world ranking tournament. Containing some of the best overall skier of the last several decades, the skiers on this list have won a combined 13 world overall titles. We have given you each skier’s country, the year they ticked off the last of the three achievements, as well as their top scores across all three events.

Data updated as of October 31, 2023