On May 19, 2012, Berdnikava set the world overall record

Natallia Berdnikava Breaks the World Overall Record

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On this day: May 19, Natallia Berdnikava breaks the world overall record

Natallia Berdnikava flipping into the week

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May 19

Today in History

On May 19, 2012, Natallia Berdnikava set her final world overall record with 3@11.25m (38′ off), 9,740 points, and 58 meters (190 feet). The mark is currently the longest standing open record in the sport.

She was awarded WATERSKI Magazine‘s Skier of the Year and Female Jumper of the Year later that year for her achievements:

“Belarusian star Natallia Berdnikava doesn’t like to lose, which works out well for her, because she rarely does. Take a look at the world standings list or the elite rankings list and note that she safely holds the No. 1 spot in women’s jump and overall. Over the last year alone, she’s broken the world jump record three times, which now stands at 192 feet, and on top of that, she also set a new overall world record. In addition to her record breaking performances, Berdnikava has earned the top spot at five major jump events since last September and has also represented herself well in the trick event this year by winning the Masters title.”