The Big Dawgs

Living the Dream, Chapter 1: The Big Dawgbacle | Marcus Brown


Living the dream, Chapter 1: The Big Dawgbacle

The Big Dawgs

I’ll leave you with this thought puzzle: Why is Golf so huge?

By Marcus Brown

I’m driving to lunch one day, on my lunch break from a REAL JOB (that could have some significance next month, or whenever I have time to get to “Living The Dream, Chapter 2”), and I see a Twitter post regarding something called the Big Dawg World Tour.

The Big Dawg Series of water ski competitions, for folks who aren’t tournament skiers, is a 35 yr old+ series (think masters) of semi-self funded tournaments in which a bunch of decently well-off folks with the passion and desire to train hard enough to be pretty damn good, travel around the country (or World) and compete. Sounds harmless enough, right? Hell, my brother even skis in the thing, so believe me when I say I see value in the Big Dawg World Tour. But more on that later….

So without much thought, other than the few electrical impulses it takes to recall some earlier conclusion stored deep in the center of my brain…I started writing a tweet. Pretty much exactly the same manner in which all tweets start…without a whole lot of thought. AND, I remember the moment before I posted it…my finger hovered over the button…the traffic light turned green…and I had a tiny feeling that I might tick someone off….and then I thought “tough shit” and I hit post. I had good reason for what I posted…and it wasn’t some self-centered, greedy reason seated in a sense of entitlement and laziness. Unfortunately that’s what folks thought…and apparently I pissed off more than a few people.

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