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Quiz: Every Man to Trick 10,000 Points in the 20th Century


Quiz: Every man to trick 10,000 points in the 20th Century

Kreg Llewellyn was one of the first men to trick over 10,000 points

Image: World Water Skiers


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In this quiz, you have to name every man to trick 10,000 points in the 20th Century.

There were 13 men to trick in excess of 10,000 points before the turn of the century, from the first in 1984 right up until 1999. Two legends of the sport achieved the feat within two months of each other, then traded the world record for almost 20 years. We have mentioned their country, along with the year they first tricked 10,000.

Note: Quiz is based on historical ranking lists, skiers must have achieved an average of 10,000 points or more.