WWS 2023 Press Release

Bigger, Better, & Beyond: 2023 WWS Overall Tour Launch | WWS


Bigger, Better, & Beyond: 2023 WWS Overall Tour Launch

WWS 2023 Press Release

World Water Skiers

May 11, 2023

Exciting news! The WWS Overall Tour is back and better than ever! This is only the second year of the Tour, but it’s already making waves in the world of water skiing. The WWS Tour features four stops across four countries – France, Austria, Canada, and the USA – all of which boast some of the most renowned lakes in the world. With each stop awarding equal prize money and points towards the tour rankings, every buoy, every trick, and every jump, and every round could determine the course of the entire year. And for the Overall Tour Champions, there’s more than just bragging rights on the line – they’ll take home a year-end bonus totaling $14,000! WWS is proud to partner with forward-thinking clubs, sponsors, and donors committed to investing in the sport and showcasing the extraordinary talents of these athletes. With the WWS-built EMS hub, the clubs will have the most advanced tools to promote the sport. Join us for an electric atmosphere and unforgettable action at every Tour stop.

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