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Five Inductees Named to International Hall of Fame Class of 2024 | IWWF


2024 IWWF International Hall Of Fame Inductees Announced

International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation Hall of Fame

The IWWF Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding contributions to towed watersports (image: IWWF)


The IWWF International Hall of Fame proudly unveils its newest inductees, giving the greatest recognition in the realm of Waterskiing and Wakeboarding to those who have contributed more than humanly possible.

This distinguished award honours and celebrates the remarkable contributions of each recipient to their respective discipline, their community, their clubs, federations, confederations, the World, and the IWWF. 

With great pleasure, the IWWF extends its heartfelt congratulations to the outstanding individuals who have been inducted into the IWWF International Hall of Fame:

David SmallGreat BritainAthleteBarefoot
Keith St OngeUSAAthleteBarefoot
Brian PriceAustraliaOfficialBarefoot
Julia Meier-GromykoGermanyAthleteCable Waterski
Lynn NovakofskiUSAPioneerShowski

Details of their outstanding achievements can be found here.

Congratulations to all inductees!