Regina Jaquess signs with Nautique Boats

Jaquess Signs With Nautique, Ending Two Decades with Malibu Boats


Regina Jaquess signs with Nautique, ending two decades with Malibu Boats

Regina Jaquess signs with Nautique Boats

Jaquess of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, becomes the newest member of the Nautique Team (image: @nautiqueboats)

By Jack Burden

Regina Jaquess, arguably the greatest female water skier of all time, announced today that she has signed with Nautique Boats, ending a two-decade relationship with Malibu. The 39-year-old is the current world record holder in slalom, setting her most recent mark last year at the Malibu Open.

“I am incredibly honored and excited to represent the Nautique brand,” shared Jaquess in a press release on the decision. She added, “I look forward to competing for many more years and being able to ski behind the #1 towboat in the world every day.”

This marks a significant departure for Jaquess, whose affiliation with Malibu Boats dates back to 2010. At that time, as Malibu’s newest addition to the waterski team, she made history by breaking Kristi Overton Johnson’s world slalom record, which had stood since 1996. Since then, Jaquess has broken the world slalom record eight times, totaling nine records—more than any other woman in history. Few skiers in the world have deeper ties or are more associated with a boat company than Jaquess with Malibu.

However, Jaquess’s move comes amidst significant turbulence at the Tennessee-based boat manufacturer. Malibu has faced scrutiny in recent months, with its stock value plummeting and allegations of inventory fraud emerging from one of the nation’s largest boat dealers. The dismissal of Dennis Kelley, a 30-year company veteran, earlier this year fueled speculation about the discontinuation of the TXi model. While the company has denied these rumors and Malibu Boats Australia recently reaffirmed its commitment to supporting Australian water skiing, the scaling back of support for tournament water skiing in the US has clearly soured Jaquess’ relationship with the company.

In her announcement, Jaquess made what appeared to be a thinly veiled criticism of her former sponsor, expressing excitement at “having the opportunity to align with a company that is true to its water ski heritage.” Ultimately, this marks a disappointing end to one of the most iconic water ski brand relationships of the 21st century.

Nautique appears eager to welcome the disaffected world record holder, with their President, Greg Meloon, expressing enthusiasm for the partnership. “Throughout her career, Regina has set new expectations and inspired the waterski community. We are looking forward to her next level of performance behind the Ski Nautique!”

Jaquess, who has raised the women’s world record from 1 to 5 at 10.25m (41’ off), has her sights set on one final frontier. She expressed her desire to “catch that elusive 6 ball at 10.25m and go beyond into territory no other female water skier has ever ventured.”

The fate of Thomas Degasperi, Malibu’s sole remaining water ski athlete, remains uncertain for now. Losing the support of one of only three boat manufacturers would be a significant blow to the sport. Hopefully, Malibu can weather the storm and bounce back once economic conditions improve. However, for now, Malibu’s loss appears to be Nautique’s gain.

Regina Jaquess signs with Nautique

Nautique Boats Welcomes Regina Jaquess to Team Nautique


Nautique Boats welcomes Regina Jaquess to Team Nautique

Regina Jaquess signs with Nautique


Nautique Boats

ORLANDO, FL (April 15, 2024) – Nautique is thrilled to introduce the current women’s slalom world record holder, Regina Jaquess, as the newest member of the Nautique team. Regina’s extraordinary talents and achievements behind the boat throughout her career have established her as one of the most dominant and decorated athletes in the world of women’s three-event waterskiing.

“Being in and around the water has been a major part of my life. My parents were competitive skiers and my dad was a Nautique promo boat owner for 17 years, so I grew up learning to ski with the best boat on the planet. I quickly learned what a great community water skiers are and consider all of my ski friends part of our family,” said Team Nautique athlete Regina Jaquess. “Training at Sunset Lakes at an early age allowed me to continue training behind the Ski Nautique, which allowed me to set 21 AWSA National Records in slalom and tricks, even before I started my journey in international competition. I am convinced that having the opportunity to align with a company that is true to its water ski heritage will help me excel on the water and make it easier to catch that elusive 6 ball at 10.25m and go beyond into territory no other female water skier has ever ventured. I am incredibly honored and excited to represent the Nautique brand that has had such a profound impact on my ski career. I look forward to competing for many more years and being able to ski behind the #1 towboat in the world every day, the Ski Nautique. It’s a dream come true!”

Outside of her accomplishments on the water, one of Regina’s passions is to give back to the sport she loves. Additionally, she brings an encouraging personality and level of professionalism that exudes high moral standards, and her love for being on the water makes her a perfect fit for joining the Nautique brand. Regina has dedicated her life to becoming one of the world’s most decorated women’s waterskiers, a multi-time world record holder and is a practicing Doctor of Pharmacy. 

“I am excited to welcome Regina Jacquess to the Nautique team heading into the 2024 season,” said Nautique President Greg Meloon. “Throughout her career, Regina has set new expectations and inspired the waterski community. We are looking forward to her next level of performance behind the Ski Nautique!”

Jacinta Carroll 200 Foot Jump

Jacinta Carroll Speaks Out on Nautique Sponsorship Controversy


Jacinta Carroll speaks out on Nautique sponsorship controversy

Jacinta Carroll 200 Foot Jump

Carroll became the first woman to jump 200 feet at the 2021 MasterCraft Pro. (Image: @jacintacarroll)

By Jack Burden

Last year, Jacinta Carroll etched her name in history by achieving a remarkable milestone – becoming the first woman to jump 200 feet. However, this triumph comes with a bittersweet tale of dreams realized and unexpected setbacks, including being dropped by her major sponsor, Nautique Boats.

The journey to the 200-foot mark wasn’t just a physical feat for Jacinta; it was a deeply personal goal that had its roots in a poignant moment with her coach and mentor Ray Stokes, who was in the advanced stages of a terminal illness. Ray’s words, urging her not to change who she was and to break the barrier of a 200-foot jump, became the driving force behind Jacinta’s aspirations. A hand-drawn poster in her childhood bedroom, asking if she would be the first female to jump 200 feet, served as a constant reminder of this goal.

However, the path to this historic achievement was laden with challenges. Breaking a record demands the convergence of multiple critical factors— the boat, the driver, the site, the conditions, and the athlete’s performance. It’s a delicate dance of precision where all five variables must align perfectly to achieve the extraordinary.

Record-breaking opportunities proved elusive for Jacinta, potentially hindered by the prioritization of the men’s event in terms of the best drivers and conditions. The struggle intensified as she balanced her full-time job with her passion for water skiing, making it difficult to align all the necessary factors for a perfect jump.

Amid the Covid pandemic, international travel posed significant hurdles for the Australian athlete. During her limited stay in the U.S. for the 2021 World Championships, Carroll participated in six tournaments, including two within a single weekend, in her relentless pursuit of breaking the record.

The breakthrough moment unfolded at the Mastercraft Pro, her final tournament of the trip. Despite falling just short of the world record in the finals of the pro event, Carroll approached the officials, presenting her case for a bonus round. Jacinta’s plea was heard, and she seized the moment, achieving a jump of 202 feet – a distance mirroring the first male to accomplish this feat in 1983.

However, the triumph turned into bitterness when Jacinta disclosed that Nautique, her primary sponsor, opted not to renew her contract. This news was delivered to her while she was undergoing a two-week quarantine in isolation upon her return to Australia.

In an emotional recounting of the experience, Jacinta conveyed her disappointment at the absence of congratulations for her historic achievement. Instead, her major sponsor inquired if she regretted her decision to break the record behind a MasterCraft. Feeling disrespected, she questioned whether the situation would be the same if she were a male world record holder, pondering, “Is this just an easy way to get me off the books?”

“I tried and tried, and I just couldn’t get the five stars to align,” lamented Jacinta. “And at the end of the day, in 50 years, I’m not going to look back, I’m not going to regret [breaking the record]. Hell, I don’t even regret it now!”

As Jacinta contemplates her future in the sport, uncertain about competing on the worldwide stage again, her story sheds light on the challenges female athletes face. Not just in their pursuit of excellence but also in navigating the complexities of sponsorship and recognition within the industry.