Shane McConkey's legendary Stinger waterskis

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Tahoe Skier Rides Shane McConkey’s Iconic Water Skis From The ’70s

By Ian Greenwood

POWDER Magazine

Legendary ski filmmaker and Lake Tahoe, California, local Scott Gaffney just took a pair of very unusual skis out for a rip at Palisades Tahoe.

The skis in question? Shane McConkey’s legendary Stinger waterskis.

The Stingers aren’t just wacky powder—nay, water ski—though. They hold an important place in the history of ski design.

In pursuit of the perfect powder ski, McConkey mounted the Stingers and began riding them in deep snow. Initially designed for water skiing in the 1970s, these skis boasted a design feature that would eventually inspire the legendary Volant Spatula. They were widest underfoot, making them reverse sidecut. Most skis are narrowest underfoot.

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