Joel Poland and Erika Lang were named the IWWF male & female waterskiers of 2023.

Lang, Poland Named Skiers of the Year | IWWF


Erika Lang and Joel Poland named IWWF Waterskiers of the Year

Joel Poland and Erika Lang were named the IWWF male & female waterskiers of 2023.


The IWWF is pleased to announce the 2023 IWWF Male & Female Skiers & Riders of the Year, selected by their respective disciplines’ councils.

Images: Camaro/Johnny Hayward

2023 IWWF Female Water Skier of the Year: Erika Lang (USA)

Erika Lang demonstrated remarkable consistency throughout the season, securing victories in every trick event she participated in, with just one exception. A fantastic athlete, she set a new world trick record, surpassing her previous record.

  • Female Tricks World Record Holder: Erika set the record during the 2023 season with an impressive 11,360 points on May 19th, 2023, at the Sunset Cup – MLCQ.
  • World Ranking: 1st Place
  • Waterski Pro Tour Leaderboard: 1st Place
  • Pan American Games: 1st Place
  • World Championships: 1st Place

Images: BWSW/Johnny Hayward

2023 IWWF Male Water Skier of the Year: Joel Poland (Great Britain)

Joel Poland showcased outstanding consistency, consistently finishing among the top 10 in all disciplines throughout the season, with only one exception. A fantastic overall athlete, he set two overall world records in 2023. Notably, he became the sole three-event skier to run 10.25 (41′ off) at 58kph (36mph).

  • World Overall Record Holder: Joel set two records during the 2023 season. The first record, with 2664.16 points (1.00@58/10.25 – 11680 points – 69.8m), was established on September 2nd at the WWS Florida Cup. The second record, with 2670.62 points (2.00@58/10.25 – 11680 points – 69.3m), was set on September 16th during the Malibu Open.
  • World Ranking: Slalom 4th Place, Tricks 5th Place, Jump 3rd Place, Overall 1st Place
  • Waterski Pro Tour Leaderboard: Slalom 13th Place, Tricks 1st Place, Jump 4th Place
  • World Championships: 2nd Place Overall

2023 IWWF Skiers & Riders of the Year

BarefootAshleigh Stebbeings (AUS)Keenan Derry (AUS)
Disabled SkiSamantha-Jane Longmore (AUS)Connor Poggetto (USA)
Cable SkiPhoenix Baumgardt (GER)Aviv Levy (ISR)
Cable WakeboardJulia Rick (GER)Oliver Orban (HUN)
RacingNellie McMillan (AUS)Carter Robertson (AUS)
Show SkiGrace Petzold (USA)Peter Hegarty (USA)
WaterskiErika Lang (USA)Joel Poland (GBR)

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From this list of outstanding skiers & riders, the IWWF Executive Board then selected the 2023 IWWF Male & Female Athletes of the Year:

2023 IWWF Female Athlete of the Year: Ashleigh Stebbeings (Australia)

2023 IWWF Male Athlete of the Year: Joel Poland (Great Britain)


Erika Lang Trick Skiing World Record Holder

Erika Lang Keeps Setting World Records, One Trick at a Time | Team USA


Erika Lang Keeps Setting Water Ski World Records, One Trick at a Time

Erika Lang Trick Skiing World Record Holder

Erika Lang competes during the preliminary round at the 2023 IWWF World Waterski Championships on Oct. 13, 2023 in Lake County, Fla. (image: Johnny Hayward)

By Bob Reinert

Team USA

Put Erika Lang behind a powerful motorboat, and she can do things no other woman ever has.

That was the case again in May, when Lang nailed another water ski tricks run in Groveland, Florida, to establish a new world record.

Riding under puffy white clouds and a pale blue sky, the Phoenix native performed a dizzying series of turns and spins while connected to the tow rope by her left foot. Then, in her second pass while holding the rope handle with her hands, she flew back and forth over the wake, performing a more impressive flip each time.

It was just another day for the world’s best trick skier.

Full article at Team USA.

World Record Approved! 11,360 points

Lang Breaks World Trick Record as Masters Invitations are Finalized


Erika Lang sets a pending world record as Master’s invitations are finalized

World Record Approved! 11,360 points

Image: Nautique

By Jack Burden

Erika Lang has surpassed her own world trick record during the Masters Qualifying Series Event hosted at Sunset Lakes in Groveland, Florida. Lang achieved a score of 11,360 points, surpassing her previous record of 11,260 points set in October 2019.

This marks the sixth time the Arizona native has broken the world trick record since her initial record in 2013 at 17 years old. She has now broken the world trick record more times than any other female, surpassing both Natalia Rumjantseva and Anna Maria Carrasco, who each achieved it five times. As the second woman to trick 10,000 points and the first and only to exceed 11,000 points, she has elevated women’s tricking to new heights over the last decade.

The final Masters Qualifying Series Events, featuring several top water skiers looking to qualify for the 2023 Masters, provided a low-pressure environment for Lang. Already qualified as the defending Masters champion, she seized the opportunity to chase a record.

In the Women’s Trick event over the weekend, Paige Rini, Kennedy Hansen, Aliaksandra Danisheuskaya, and Regina Jaquess secured their spots for the Masters. In Men’s Trick, Pablo Font, Edoardo Marenzi, and Tanguy Dailland secured their places. Font, the cousin of world record holder Pato, achieved a score of 11,060 points to qualify, marking his second time over 11,000.

Agustina Varas, Regina Jaquess, Kennedy Hansen, and Paige Rini qualified in the Women’s Jump event. Meanwhile, Jack Critchley, Louis Duplan-Fribourg, and Rodrigo Miranda qualified in the Men’s Jump event with distances of 67.5 meters (221 feet), 67.4 meters (221 feet), and 64 meters (210 feet) respectively.

The Women’s Slalom event saw Jaimee Bull, Neilly Ross, and Brie Carter qualify, each running 11.25 meters (38’ off) to punch their tickets. In Men’s Slalom, there was a five-way tie with 3 buoys at 10.25 meters (41’ off), requiring a runoff for the last four spots. Ultimately, Thomas Degasperi, Adam Sedlmajer, Sacha Descuns, and Jonathan Travers secured their qualification.

These athletes will join the previously qualified participants who earned their spots at the first two Masters Qualifying Events or through winning either the 2022 Masters, 2022 Botaski Pro Am, 2022 California ProAm, or 2023 Moomba Masters.

All eyes now turn to the 63rd Masters Waterski and Wakeboard Tournament, taking place Memorial Day Weekend from Friday, May 26, to Sunday, May 28.

Update: Lang’s world record was officially ratified by the IWWF on June 23, 2023.