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New World Open Men’s Tricks Record Set by 16-Year-Old Jake Abelson


June 26, 2023

16-year-old Jake Abelson from the USA has set a new World Open Men’s Tricks Record with a remarkable score of 12,720 points. This impressive feat has been officially approved by the IWWF World Waterski Council, marking a significant milestone in the world of waterskiing.

Jake Abelson achieved this record-breaking performance during the Ski Fluid Classic held at Lake Grew in Polk City, Florida, USA, on April 28, 2024. By scoring 12,720 points, Jake surpassed the previous World Trick Record of 12,690 points, which was held by Mexico’s Patricio Font.

Jake’s achievement is particularly notable as it not only sets a new benchmark for the Open Men’s category but also becomes the World Tricks Record for Under-17 Boys and Under-21 Men.

Abelson Sets Pending World Tricks Record At Masters Qualifier

Abelson Sets Pending World Tricks Record At Masters Qualifier | USA Water Ski


Abelson sets pending World Tricks Record at Masters Qualifier

Abelson Sets Pending World Tricks Record At Masters Qualifier

Image: @tiaremirandaphotography

By Scott N. Atkinson

USA Water Ski & Wake Sports

Jake Abelson (Holderness, N.H.) set his second pending men’s world tricks record in the past two weeks on Friday at the Nautique Masters Qualifying Series 1 event at Lake Ledbetter in Winter Garden, Fla.

Abelson scored 12,970 points – the highest score among all competitors in either round of the tournament – in round 2 to earn a spot in the 2024 Nautique Masters. If approved by the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation, the score will eclipse the current world record of 12,690 points held by Mexico’s Patricio Font.

Full article at USA Water Ski.

Nautique Masters Qualifying Series 1 Results

    Abelson sets pending world trick record

    Abelson and Poland Set Pending World Records at Ski Fluid Classic


    Abelson and Poland set pending world records at Ski Fluid Classic

    Abelson sets pending world trick record

    Image: @tiaremirandaphotography

    By Jack Burden

    This past weekend at a record tournament in Central Florida, the season opener on Lake Grew saw the establishment of two pending world records. Fresh off his first score over 12,000 points at the Swiss Pro Tricks, Jake Abelson set a pending world trick record of 12,720. Meanwhile, Joel Poland managed to surpass his current world overall record by the narrowest of margins after delivering strong performances in all three events.

    Abelson, the 16-year-old trick phenom, recorded the highest-scoring hand pass of all time, totaling 7,670 points, which included a crowd favorite wake seven front (W7F) right at the buzzer. His score of 12,720 is 30 points higher than the current record held by Patricio Font, but 50 points lower than the pending world record set by Font at the Swiss Pro Tricks last weekend. Consequently, Abelson’s performance will only be recognized as an open world record if Font’s score is downgraded upon review. Additionally, Abelson’s score has the potential to set the under-17 and under-21 world records as well as the US national under-17 and open records. If approved, Abelson will be the first American to hold the men’s world trick record since Cory Pickos in the year 2000, seven years before Abelson was born.

    Meanwhile, Joel Poland, the super talent from Great Britain, showcased incredible performances across all three events to surpass his current mark by a razor-thin margin. With scores of 1 @ 10.25m (41’ off), 11,680 points, and 70.3 meters (231 feet), Poland scored just three overall points higher than the current record set at the 2023 Malibu Open. While Poland is capable of more, particularly in the slalom and trick events, the pending record was only his second time surpassing 70 meters (230 feet) since he set the British record of 71.7 meters (235 feet) at the 2023 California ProAm.

    Poland shared his elatement with the performances on social media, stating, “Still room for improvement, but I couldn’t be happier! There was a time where I couldn’t even imagine running these scores.” He emphasized, “Some will call it talent, but those around will know it’s a commitment to improving every day.”

    The tournament witnessed countless other notable performances, including Freddy Krueger jumping 71.5m (235’), Patricio Font posting another score over 12,000, and the ‘retired’ Scot Ellis leaping 59.5m (195’) in the master’s men’s division.

    Update: Abelson’s world trick record was approved by the IWWF on May 23, 2024.