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Love What You Do – A Decade of FlowPoint TV

By FlowPoint

May 1, 2023

“To be honest, I got hurt, couldn’t ski….and was like, f*%k this!….no one is showing water skiing how I know it needs to be shown! ABC, ESPN, all television time had come in the late 70’s and stayed until the mid 90’s, right when I started trying to compete. I literally was there when the sport crumbled. So that was the driving force at first….to SHOW people, as many people as I could reach, exactly what water skiing is, how insanely beautiful and challenging it can be…and to open folks up to another way to live life on the water, I guess…

Originally, the seed for this idea of the FlowPoint, came during one of the greatest, yet most disappointing moments in my professional skiing career: At the 2011 World Championships in Dubna Russia, I had an unexplainable experience, in which I somehow surrendered to something bigger than myself, at the exact right moment. It was magical…..I had tapped into the FlowPoint. It only lasted for a moment….BUT, the feeling, the residue from that experience, still sticks with me today. Its somewhat of a northstar personally…and it was enough to drive me towards this idea of the FlowPoint in all of our lives.

That was the moment I picked up a camera. And I’m thankful for the winding roads we discovered, with that camera and some good hearted people.

Its been a wild ride…come join us on a journey through the past 10 years of FlowPoint TV”

-Marcus Brown