Swing HIGH On the Boat - SKI LIKE THE PROS || FPM Podcast

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Swing HIGH On the Boat – SKI LIKE THE PROS || FPM Podcast #30

By FlowPoint

Ski Like The Pros! – We’re back again with another episode breaking down what some of the best skiers in the world do (and sometimes don’t do) really well, to be the best skiers they can be.

This week we take a step back….to uncover the keys to being able to work on what we discussed Last week (Ski Like the PROS || FPM Podcast #29) regarding 2 hands on the handle longer.

FOUR Rules for Swinging High on the Boat:

1 – Speed at Centerline

2 – Tight Rope Outbound (limit rebound of rope to the inside)

3 – Limit Deceleration of ski

4 – Keep Body/Ski (mass) as close to handle as long as possible moving outbound

Marcus Brown's FlowPoint TV

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Love What You Do – A Decade of FlowPoint TV

By FlowPoint

May 1, 2023

“To be honest, I got hurt, couldn’t ski….and was like, f*%k this!….no one is showing water skiing how I know it needs to be shown! ABC, ESPN, all television time had come in the late 70’s and stayed until the mid 90’s, right when I started trying to compete. I literally was there when the sport crumbled. So that was the driving force at first….to SHOW people, as many people as I could reach, exactly what water skiing is, how insanely beautiful and challenging it can be…and to open folks up to another way to live life on the water, I guess…

Originally, the seed for this idea of the FlowPoint, came during one of the greatest, yet most disappointing moments in my professional skiing career: At the 2011 World Championships in Dubna Russia, I had an unexplainable experience, in which I somehow surrendered to something bigger than myself, at the exact right moment. It was magical…..I had tapped into the FlowPoint. It only lasted for a moment….BUT, the feeling, the residue from that experience, still sticks with me today. Its somewhat of a northstar personally…and it was enough to drive me towards this idea of the FlowPoint in all of our lives.

That was the moment I picked up a camera. And I’m thankful for the winding roads we discovered, with that camera and some good hearted people.

Its been a wild ride…come join us on a journey through the past 10 years of FlowPoint TV”

-Marcus Brown

Marcus Brown's FlowPoint TV

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Collegiate Water Skiing – United By Water: FlowPoint TV

By FlowPoint

We think Collegiate Water Skiing might just be the brightest and best part of the sport. So, why the hell not tell the story of Collegiate Nationals, just one more time??!!

In 2017, we went to Bennett’s and covered Nationals.

In 2018, we went to San Marcos, and have yet to share that footage with the World (maybe, someday….).

In 2019, we went to California and showed you just how ridiculously good Waterskiing is.

In 2020, well, you know what happened….

So now, here you have it, the 2021 Collegiate Water Ski Nationals, on a silver platter, waiting for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. The Best Show in Water Skiing!

Marcus Brown's FlowPoint TV

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Collegiate Waterskiing – FlowPoint TV

By FlowPoint

This is what you feel when you mix waterskiing and college. In the latest FlowPointTV episode with Marcus Brown, you get a peek at one of the most epic water ski events on the planet: the 2019 Syndicate Collegiate Waterski Nationals. Marcus takes us to California, to Bell Acqua Lakes, to show us exactly why he believes the sport of water skiing is not only alive and well, but absolutely thriving. If you’ve skied in this event, or even experienced it, you’ll know just what we mean.

Marcus Brown's FlowPoint TV

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Paradise Lost: FlowPoint TV

By FlowPoint

June 7, 2016

When people hear the words “Water Skiing”, they usually think of their uptight parents, or maybe John Candy and The Great Outdoors.

But it’s not their fault. The days of Water Skiing on ESPN have faded… like the fluorescent colors of the 80’s…

That’s where FlowPoint TV comes in….catching all y’all before you completely forget about competitive water skiing forever.

So, we’re kicking off Season 3 of FlowPoint TV with a bit of a reminder for folk out there who may have forgotten where water skiing used to be….or for those that never knew, now you know.

We’re hopeful that one day, competitive water skiing will find its way back into the hearts and minds of people all over the World.

Until then, you always have FlowPoint TV.

In Season 3, Episode 1, MB makes his first trip to the World Water Ski Championships without his ski….instead, he’s got a camera, and a lot of passion and positive hope for the future of the sport.

This, is competitive water skiing…and yes, people do this all over the World. Why have you never heard of it, or seen it before?