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Meet Rob Shirley | MasterCraft HandCrafted

By MasterCraft

MasterCraft boats aren’t just built—they’re crafted. Crafted by craftsmen who for 55 years have upheld the MasterCraft commitment to more smiles and less worries. Crafted with progression and innovation in mind. Crafted to last and crafted to perform.

In 1968, Rob Shirley embarked on a mission driven by a singular vision—to build the best ski boat in the industry. While he came from a competitive waterskiing background, Rob’s passion for the sport extended beyond participation. Unsatisfied with the performance of the ski boats on the market at the time, Rob was determined to redefine the standard, harnessing his insights into what would make a boat truly exceptional—superior turning, impeccable tracking, and the ability to produce unrivaled wakes. After countless dedicated hours, Rob brought his vision to life, debuting the 18-foot groundbreaking ski boat bearing the name “MasterCraft” and forever altering the course of the towboat industry. This very first MasterCraft—and each one after it—was meticulously built by hand. And still to this day, every MasterCraft built upholds this legacy, handcrafted by dedicated engineers and passionate boaters who carry the torch that Rob lit all those years ago.

This is MasterCraft HandCrafted.

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