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Meet Rob Shirley | MasterCraft HandCrafted

By MasterCraft

MasterCraft boats aren’t just built—they’re crafted. Crafted by craftsmen who for 55 years have upheld the MasterCraft commitment to more smiles and less worries. Crafted with progression and innovation in mind. Crafted to last and crafted to perform.

In 1968, Rob Shirley embarked on a mission driven by a singular vision—to build the best ski boat in the industry. While he came from a competitive waterskiing background, Rob’s passion for the sport extended beyond participation. Unsatisfied with the performance of the ski boats on the market at the time, Rob was determined to redefine the standard, harnessing his insights into what would make a boat truly exceptional—superior turning, impeccable tracking, and the ability to produce unrivaled wakes. After countless dedicated hours, Rob brought his vision to life, debuting the 18-foot groundbreaking ski boat bearing the name “MasterCraft” and forever altering the course of the towboat industry. This very first MasterCraft—and each one after it—was meticulously built by hand. And still to this day, every MasterCraft built upholds this legacy, handcrafted by dedicated engineers and passionate boaters who carry the torch that Rob lit all those years ago.

This is MasterCraft HandCrafted.

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Joel Poland joins Team MasterCraft

Joel Poland: Rising Star Secures Sponsorship with MasterCraft


Joel Poland: Rising Star Secures Sponsorship with MasterCraft

Joel Poland joins Team MasterCraft

Poland of London, England, becomes the newest member of the MasterCraft Team (image: MasterCraft)

By Jack Burden

In an exciting development for the water skiing community, the talented and previously unsponsored athlete, Joel Poland, has officially secured a sponsorship deal with MasterCraft boats. At just 24 years old, Poland has established himself as one of the most dominant and charismatic figures in the world of water skiing.

Joel Poland’s rise to prominence in water skiing has been nothing short of spectacular. Over the past three seasons, he’s arguably been the sport’s most dominant athlete. His achievements include back-to-back season championships on the WWS Overall Tour, World Championship gold, a U.S. Masters jump title, and professional podium placements across all three events. Poland’s exceptional skill and magnetic personality have earned him a massive following, particularly among younger fans on social media, where he boasts over 40 thousand Instagram followers.

What puzzled many in the waterskiing community was why Poland didn’t have a boat sponsor until now. Given his incredible talent and growing influence, it seemed like a logical partnership was missing. Poland conducts the majority of his training at Matt Rini’s ski school, a place with a strong association with Nautique Boats through individuals like Whitney McClintock Rini and Robert Pigozzi, who are both Nautique-sponsored athletes.

While MasterCraft’s sponsorship opens exciting new doors for Poland, it also raises questions about his training situation. Much of his appeal to MasterCraft is tied to his substantial social media following, which implies that his content will prominently feature MasterCraft boats. This could necessitate a shift in his training location, perhaps to facilities like Ski Fluid or The Boarding School.

The waterskiing community was naturally curious about a potential partnership between Poland and Nautique, given his close ties to the Rini family and their long-standing relationship with Nautique Boats. However, rumors suggest that cultural differences, including Nautique’s conservative values and strict athlete censorship, may have played a role in this decision. Alternatively, it could have been a more compelling financial offer from MasterCraft that sealed the deal.

As the reigning overall world champion and a multiple-time world record holder, Poland has long deserved the financial support and industry recognition that now accompany him. Additionally, this partnership marks a turning point in industry support for overall skiing, recognizing the significance of athletes like Poland who excel across multiple disciplines. It’s a thrilling moment not just for Poland but for the entire waterskiing community, celebrating the elevation of overall skiing’s importance and its brightest talents.

Geelong Water Ski Club

Petition to Save Water Skiing on Barwon River | Bay 93.9


Petition to save water skiing on Barwon River

Geelong Water Ski Club

A local club is stepping up its fight to allow skiing to continue along the Barwon River. (image: Geelong Water Ski Club)

By Rebecca McDonald

Bay 93.9 Geelong

Geelong Waterski Club is fighting proposed new rules by the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority including shortening its usage of the Barwon River and reducing the hours its members are allowed on the water.

Sign the petition here.

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MasterCraft mass layoffs

‘Absolutely Ridiculous’ – More People Come Forward About MasterCraft Layoffs | WVLT


‘Absolutely Ridiculous’ | More People Come Forward About MasterCraft Layoffs

MasterCraft mass layoffs

MasterCraft mass layoffs. (image: WVLT)

By Ellie Byrd


July 3, 2023

VONORE, Tenn. (WVLT) – Several employees told WVLT News they were laid off by MasterCraft Boat Company in Monroe County on Wednesday.

Former MasterCraft employees told WVLT News that they were pulled into groups by the human resources department, terminated and asked to leave immediately. Many of them said they were completely blindsided and are confused as to why they were let go.

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