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Paradise Lost: FlowPoint TV

By FlowPoint

June 7, 2016

When people hear the words “Water Skiing”, they usually think of their uptight parents, or maybe John Candy and The Great Outdoors.

But it’s not their fault. The days of Water Skiing on ESPN have faded… like the fluorescent colors of the 80’s…

That’s where FlowPoint TV comes in….catching all y’all before you completely forget about competitive water skiing forever.

So, we’re kicking off Season 3 of FlowPoint TV with a bit of a reminder for folk out there who may have forgotten where water skiing used to be….or for those that never knew, now you know.

We’re hopeful that one day, competitive water skiing will find its way back into the hearts and minds of people all over the World.

Until then, you always have FlowPoint TV.

In Season 3, Episode 1, MB makes his first trip to the World Water Ski Championships without his ski….instead, he’s got a camera, and a lot of passion and positive hope for the future of the sport.

This, is competitive water skiing…and yes, people do this all over the World. Why have you never heard of it, or seen it before?